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Johannes Breytenbach now living in Canada

October 15, 2009

Welcome to our wonderful world – we are a happy family

Hello and welcome to our world. We are a happy family and very adventurous.

We travel a lot around the world – and we have a lot of fun as a family. Having reunions in our home countries of South Africa, Philippines helps us to stay connected to close families.

I first immigrated to Toronto Canada in 1987. I was sponsored to go to a “Sales-training Course” in Toronto while working for a “promotional company”

This changed my career path and forced me to become more self-confident for future ventures. If you cannot “sell yourself” you will not get anywhere, this is what my teacher told me.

I pushed myself forward with might.

Today, I feel comfortable in the presence of successful people and I encourage others to push forward to push themselves to the limit. Constant and never-ending-improvement –  – – – Life is a journey and one must enjoy the ride to the fullest.

I met my wife in Toronto and married the most beautiful women in Canada. We moved to Vancouver British Columbia (BC) Canada during 2003.

Me, Johannes and my wife Juliet born in the Philippines) our son Justin (16) and Melanie (12) now live in one of the most sought after places in Canada. It is a well known town just south of Vancouver BC ( White Rock ). We are close to the beach.

Fuel is expensive and life is getting faster and faster, yet our time is becoming so limited. Most people desire to have a successful home-based business. The convenience of the computer for research, shopping and business opportunities made life very exciting and created all kinds of possibilities. The opportunities start to knock on the door, but you have to do your homework first. (Read my other tips for searching the business that fits your needs)

There is a massive emerging purchasing power for the “New-Youth” while the Baby-Boomers need additional income; this offers great opportunities and trends to earn lots of money. This can only grow to greater heights in years to come. It is un-stoppable, it is here to stay and we welcome it with open arms. How exciting, a “dream come true”.

Our passion is to help people to move upward, to move the bar higher while having fun.

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Johannes Breyten-Bach

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