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robots replacing humans?

July 31, 2017

Look at the signs they are everywhere


Are we on the verge of a massive shift in the human experience, or is it just me that thinks so?

Look at the signs they are everywhere – slowly but surely they are moving that way.

The Neuralink company is connecting human brains with computers  –  Elon Musk,is one of the world’s most prolific billionaires and inventors who launched it.


The renowned futurist from Google, Ray Kurzweil, now claims the singularity (the turning point when computers will gain human-level intelligence) is coming in 2029.


Meanwhile, robots are now replacing human workers at a surprising rate. They predict robots to take over 20 million jobs by 2020.

Looking at all these movements, I’ve wondered to myself lately:

What’s the best way to thrive in this time of unstoppable change?

I believe the answer lies between our ears 🙂

I agree, the human brain will never become obsolete.

It’s too complex. Too unpredictable. Too enigmatic. Too powerful.

That said, it’s now vital for you to make a conscious effort to tap into your highest potential.

So you can earn, grow, achieve and create at your highest potential in your own company.

That’s why I’m reminding you look at alternatives and search for a Plan B option.

I strongly suggest you look into this.

Joel Therien (CEO) has been creating this during his

previous 18 years of working on the internet.

Now you have the opportunity to check it for FREE before committing to anything.

Please claim it now before it’s too late:

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A TRUE STORY – Why you cannot get ahead financially?

July 21, 2017

Why you cannot get ahead financially working for someone else?

One of my mentors Mrs. Janet Legere shared her story with me.

Let’s take a look at Janet Legere’s life and discover a few things . . .

Janet’s been working for many years at a giant multinational company. Janet has never been late. Janet’s never taken even a sick day.

Janet’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her mother asked her to accompany her to chemotherapy twice a week.

Since Janet loved her mom dearly, she wanted to be with her during this tough time. 

She knew her boss would understand the circumstance she was in.

 Plus . . .

She worked a long time to build trust with her employer and her boss.

When she asked her boss Mr. Perkins if she could leave early on Monday’s and Thursday’s to be with her mother, the boss said “no, you cannot”.

He said he needed her at her desk all day long.  Janet tried arguing but her boss refused to listen . . .

Janet obeyed and worked very hard for the next three weeks.

She even presented her boss with FIVE different ideas on how they could speed up the process and improve efficiency. They completed the project that they were working on a day early. 

Janet now felt she had some leverage to ask her boss again to leave early on Monday and Thursday so she could escort her sick mother to hospital.

Mr. Perkins said no again, he mentioned that it would be unfair to the other employees if he allowed her to leave earlier twice a week.

 Janet later found out from another employee . . . . . . that her boss Mr. Perkins took her ideas for speeding up the projects to HQ.

Guess what happened?

Mr. Perkins got a raise because of the ideas “he” brought to the corporation to speed up processes.

Janet knew that, that was the last straw. It was time to make a decision because she realized her efforts didn’t matter.

She worked long hours, was productive every day, never took sick days, she even sacrificed family time for her work . . .

Her boss didn’t appreciate the things she’s done for him or for the company.

Even worse . . . he did nothing to help her when she needed help most and he got a raise.

Janet built up confidence, she looked for opportunities to change this “slaving-type-of-job” and she made her decision. Someone introduced her to an “Online” system, that can be done anywhere with internet access.

After work, she learned everything about this system and walked away from her corporate job soon after that and started her own online business from home.

She now makes as much Dollars as she deserves, because her income depends on her and nobody else.

Sure . . . there’s risk in having your own business because of scams, but a trusted friend has been using it SUCCESSFULLY for quite a while, so the RISK has been eliminated.

But there’s a lot more reward having FREEDOM in time and money, plus the TAX benefits working from home.

Soon the time arrived that no one could tell Janet whether she can or can’t leave early. 

In fact, she writes her own schedule, just like she writes her own paycheck.

Would you like to know what business Janet started that set her free?

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To your MASSIVE success during 2017 as we work together as a TEAM

Johann & Juliet Bach

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LIVE life on your terms!

June 16, 2017

LOVE what you do every single day!

Joel Therien announces the launch of a project that has been a labor of love for him for years. is a combination of his first love for fitness and nutrition and his vast knowledge of internet and network marketing.

Since 1998, Joel has had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals and businesses achieve an online presence not to mention help them make money while doing it.

He has built a very successful company Global Virtual Opportunities and has decided to build and grow NowLifeStyle with the intention of making it the largest online and offline health, wealth and direct selling companies around. And, I have no doubt that he will achieve this.

NowLifeStyle is about achieving the NOWin your life style.” Joel says. It’s more than just fitness and nutrition. It’s about growing yourself and achieving those dreams that you never thought were possible until right now.

After all should people not better their health, wealth and relationships not tomorrow but right NOW?

Joel has a huge vision for NowLifeStyle. Starting with fitness supplements and a state of the art exercise platform, he intends to grow into many different facets of everyday life that we use.

Joel says that the slogan for NowLifeStyle is “how I want people to embrace this program and use the opportunity”

LIVE life on your terms!

LOVE what you do every single day!

LAUGH because life should be enjoyed!


NowLifeStyle and Joel Therien want to connect with you if you have the willingness, energy and want to be a leader in this, his most exciting project yet. Nowlifestyle is currently in the Pre Enrollment Phase. If you are a lover and a leader in this industry please click here to get on the Pre Enrollment list for FREE today is currently in the Pre Enrollment phase. Join the Pre Enrollment notification list here.

We work together to create SUCCESS.

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There is no path to happiness, or is there??

June 11, 2017

Why is our happiness always so temporary?

How to Stop Failing. Changing Behaviors.
Why is our happiness always so temporary?

Are you addicted to failure – here are 10 signs of measuring addiction.

ADDICTION: . . . . is

  1. When you are addicted to the approval of others
  2. When you entertain yourself instead of educating yourself
  3. When you blame others for your circumstances
  4. When you’re afraid of making mistakes
  5. When you stay in relationships that are not working out
  6. When you are addicted to drama
  7. When you spend time with people who are going nowhere
  8. When you are careless with money
  9. When you have dreams, but set no goals to reach them
  10. When you think successful people got very lucky

Why do we suffer?  Why, even in times of prosperity and health do we still find ourselves 
suffering?  Why is our happiness always so temporary?

Because, happiness and unhappiness are not created by the material world or the physical body but first and foremost, they are decisions of the mind.

The human heart is basically very compassionate, but without wisdom, compassion will not work.  Wisdom is the openness that lets us see what is essential and most effective.

By cultivating diligence in building mindfulness, mindfulness will free us from becoming a cause of suffering to others.

There is no path to happiness.  Happiness is the path. The mind is(more) . . .

Read more…

Johannes Breytenbach now living in Canada

October 15, 2009

Welcome to our wonderful world – we are a happy family

Hello and welcome to our world. We are a happy family and very adventurous.

We travel a lot around the world – and we have a lot of fun as a family. Having reunions in our home countries of South Africa, Philippines helps us to stay connected to close families.

I first immigrated to Toronto Canada in 1987. I was sponsored to go to a “Sales-training Course” in Toronto while working for a “promotional company”

This changed my career path and forced me to become more self-confident for future ventures. If you cannot “sell yourself” you will not get anywhere, this is what my teacher told me.

I pushed myself forward with might.

Today, I feel comfortable in the presence of successful people and I encourage others to push forward to push themselves to the limit. Constant and never-ending-improvement –  – – – Life is a journey and one must enjoy the ride to the fullest.

I met my wife in Toronto and married the most beautiful women in Canada. We moved to Vancouver British Columbia (BC) Canada during 2003.

Me, Johannes and my wife Juliet born in the Philippines) our son Justin (16) and Melanie (12) now live in one of the most sought after places in Canada. It is a well known town just south of Vancouver BC ( White Rock ). We are close to the beach.

Fuel is expensive and life is getting faster and faster, yet our time is becoming so limited. Most people desire to have a successful home-based business. The convenience of the computer for research, shopping and business opportunities made life very exciting and created all kinds of possibilities. The opportunities start to knock on the door, but you have to do your homework first. (Read my other tips for searching the business that fits your needs)

There is a massive emerging purchasing power for the “New-Youth” while the Baby-Boomers need additional income; this offers great opportunities and trends to earn lots of money. This can only grow to greater heights in years to come. It is un-stoppable, it is here to stay and we welcome it with open arms. How exciting, a “dream come true”.

Our passion is to help people to move upward, to move the bar higher while having fun.

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Johannes Breyten-Bach

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